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Disney Villain Tattoos

June 17 2015

While we accept that disney movies are all about the princesses and the heroes at times we find ourselves rooting for the villains. I mean, is Maleficent the embodiment of pure evil? Sure. Does she also seem kind of cool… [ read more ]

Kewpie Doll Tattoos

June 16 2015

For as long as we can remember Kewpie dolls have been a staple of American Traditional tattoos. The German made dolls exude innocence so it’s quite a fun reappropriation of a cultural icon by tattooing them. They are also popular… [ read more ]

Taco Tattoos for Taco Tuesday

June 16 2015

Yes, it’s only Tuesday. You’re not even halfway through the week. It’s not Thirsty Thursday yet. One more day ’til hump day. Who cares? Thanks to some genius who likes alliteration, we all have a reason to get excited about… [ read more ]

Eagle Tattoos

June 16 2015

Eagles are one of the most majestic animals on this planet, no wonder they are the national symbol of at least a dozen countries including the United States. Turns out they also look pretty good in tattoo form. We’ve gathered… [ read more ]

Is Victoria Beckham Removing Her Tattoos?

June 16 2015

GALLERY OF VICTORIA BECKHAM’S TATTOOS BELOW THE TEXT Lately, the Beckham family has been making headlines for their tattoos as much as anything else. It’s nearly impossible to go a week without seeing David Beckham’s shirtless torso covered in tattoos… [ read more ]

Lion Tattoos

June 15 2015

The King of the Jungle is also the king of the tattoo shop—lion tattoos are some of the most common tattoo designs. Lions are a symbol of royalty and power, two idea that people like to attach themselves to through… [ read more ]

Incredible Tattoo Body Suits

June 15 2015

When it comes to tattoos we believe the more the merrier so few things make us perk up more than seeing a badass body suit. Sometimes the work is from one artist creating a single masterpiece and other times a… [ read more ]