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Sanskrit Tattoos

September 17 2015

While it may be mostly dead as a spoken language (although it has been revived in a few villages recently), Sanskrit remains the primary sacred language in Hinduism. The script is closely tied to ceremonies and faith, so it should… [ read more ]

Dumblonde Gets Tattooed At The Guest Spot (Inked’s Celebrity Studio)

September 17 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Guest Spot, meet Dumblonde. Dumblonde, meet the Guest Spot. Don’t let the name fool you. Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex are building new bridges and burning old ones as they reveal their new girl group, Dumblonde. The former Danity… [ read more ]

Goodbye Thigh Gap, Hello Thigh Brow

September 17 2015

Remember when everyone was going crazy for thigh gap? We were never that into it, we always preferred our women with a little bit of substance. So, naturally we are all over the thigh brow. The thigh brow has been… [ read more ]

Hindu Tattoos

September 16 2015

People often use tattoos as a way to display their faith. Considering the many gods and goddesses in the Hindu faith there are a heck of a lot of cool tattoos to be created. From the lovable Ganesh to the… [ read more ]

Vitaly Says Tattoos Propel Jewelry-For-Men Movement

September 16 2015

 Shane Vitaly Foran, CEO and designer of Vitaly, talks business, tattoos, and travel essentials with Inked.  How does an accidental fashion designer of only four years retail his unisex jewelry line in over 200 stores worldwide without big investors? Shane Vitaly Foran dismisses the… [ read more ]

Rebel Rebel! You Must See Ireland Baldwin’s New Ink

September 16 2015

Talk about ch-ch-changes! Ireland Baldwin already has numerous tattoos but this young American is always eager to add more. She debuted her latest piece at New York Fashion Week and it makes us want to dance our magic dance with… [ read more ]

An Examination of New York’s Single-Use Ink Law

September 15 2015

When Inked first heard about the changes to New York State law that would require single-use ink to be used in tattooing we reached out to Tattoo Lou to get an insider’s opinion about the effects the law would have on… [ read more ]

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