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Yallzee’s Wolf Tattoos

May 4 2016

Check out Yallzee’s 21 incredible wolf tattoos. Photo #11 is guaranteed to make you scream. Prepare to be impressed. Yallzee’s picks for wolf tattoos are nothing short of amazing. In this gallery you will find black-and-grey tattoos, American traditional tattoos,… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Star Wars Tattoos for May The Fourth

May 4 2016

This gallery contains 17 phenomenal Star Wars tattoos; #7 will have you longing to turn to the dark side of the Force. The Force is strong with these Star Wars tattoos. Star Wars fans are some of the most hardcore… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Tattoos Inspired by Animation

May 2 2016

This gallery contains 18 amazing tattoos inspired by animation, #13 will give you all of the feelings. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s always OK to love cartoons. This gallery curated by Yallzee features 18 amazing tattoos inspired… [ read more ]

Six Tattooed Women Who Defy Beauty Standards

May 2 2016

Six women with dangerous curves and sexy tattoos defy beauty standards. Don’t miss the babe in photo #4. Inked presents six girls that guarantee beauty is sexy at any size in this gallery featuring Tess Holliday, Ashley Graham, and Jes… [ read more ]

Meet Graffiti Artist Turned Tattoo Genius, Norm Will Rise

April 29 2016

Some of our favorite celebrities’ go-to tattoo artists, like Bang Bang in New York City and Dr. Woo in Hollywood, have become household names for their life-like designs and incredibly detailed pieces, but there are plenty of other artists out there… [ read more ]

There’s One Problem With Miley’s Jupiter Tattoo—It’s of Saturn

April 27 2016

Pop superstar Miley Cyrus recently unveiled the most recent addition to her ever expanding tattoo collection—a small ringed planet that was inked by Lauren Winzer. We love the adorable, little tattoo. But there’s just one little problem, it’s the wrong planet…. [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Amazing Collaboration Tattoos

April 22 2016

Yallzee rounded up 11 mind blowing collaboration tattoos done by some of the best artists in the biz—the trio of full back tattoos in photo #6 are completely mesmerizing. Collaboration tattoos are some of our favorite pieces to look at because it took… [ read more ]

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