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Insane Face Painting Transformations

August 30 2016

This girl paints her hand and face to look like an insane….well, you’ll see. Check out the video below to see one of her makeup transformations and then marvel at her best work in the following photos Denver-based artist and… [ read more ]

JWoww’s Disney Tattoo: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

August 30 2016

It’s a tale that’s old as time. A little girl is raised on Disney films but when she grows up and leaves the comfort of Neverland she finds out that there is no Prince Charming, nor do we even live… [ read more ]

Beyond the Ink: Alysha Nett Shoots Monami Frost

August 29 2016

Hi everyone! I’m back again and this time I got to meet and shoot with Monami Frost! She brought her wonderful family with her and we hung out at my friend’s home in Studio City. Lucky for us, Moose Limited provided us with… [ read more ]

Video: The Tool That Started Fineline Tattooing

August 24 2016

Don’t try this at home. Seriously. Below is a tutorial video for how to make a prison-style tattoo machine provided by A&E for its shocking new show 60 Days In. Tattooing in prison is done using only a pen, Walkman,… [ read more ]

Exclusive Excerpt: Tattooed War Hero’s Story

August 23 2016

Noah Galloway is a real-life American hero. You may know him from Dancing With the Stars or John Cena’s American Grit, but today his life story is published. has obtained the exclusive excerpt of Living With No Excuses: The… [ read more ]

Oddest Barters for Tattoos from Elite Artists

August 18 2016

Tattoos can cost and arm and a leg—if the artist is willing to barter for them. Yes, Virginia sometimes tattooers barter ink for goods. Cash is king but lets not forget that tattooing came from a black market system and was… [ read more ]

Tattoo Pain Chart

August 18 2016

Where do tattoos hurt the most? Following is a human body pain chart outlining the most painful places to get tattooed as described by our readers. Does it hurt to tattoo your forearm? Damn straight, all tattoos hurt or smart… [ read more ]

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