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Jenny McCarthy Gets a Romantic Tattoo

May 12 2015

Last night Jenny McCarthy took to social media to reveal her latest tattoos thus proving that she doesn’t mind needles when they are delivering ink. The two tiny tattoos located on the fingers of the former Playboy Playmate of the… [ read more ]

Delivering Babies, Deadpool Style

May 11 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text The last place that Deadpool, the beloved Marvel comics character who will soon be headed to the big screens, should ever be is the delivery room. If you need to cut through a pack of… [ read more ]

So That’s Where the Joker Gets His Ink

May 8 2015

Only two weeks ago comic book fans went ballistic when a leaked photo revealed that the Joker has gotten an extensive amount of ink since we last saw him. David Ayer, director of the much anticipated Suicide Squad, leaked a picture showing… [ read more ]

Anni Irish and the History of the American Tattooed Ladies

May 8 2015

When Anni Irish was 16-years-old she entered a tattoo shop for the first time. She had ventured in looking to get her nose pierced but ended up leaving with a blueprint for her academic life. After experiencing the culture within… [ read more ]

An Inked Girl for Every Day of the Week

May 7 2015

Every day we get dozens of submissions from women who yearn to be featured on If you take some time to go through all of the Inked Girls profiles two things will likely happen—first you’ll be blown away by all of… [ read more ]

Brantley Gilbert Backs the Second Amendment With Ink

May 6 2015

It’s no secret that people in the United States tend to feel very strongly about their constitutional rights; people fight over them and elections are swung by politicians agreeing to protect them. While some of the amendments are rarely argued… [ read more ]

Floyd Mayweather Hits the Ring in Style Thanks to Dapper Dan

May 1 2015

Gallery Follows the Text High fashion and boxing are two things that the average person wouldn’t ever expect to go together. Well, Floyd Mayweather isn’t your average boxer and he sure doesn’t dress like one either. When the undefeated boxer… [ read more ]