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Considering the Tattooed Characters of ‘Suicide Squad’

November 9 2015

Since the invention of the internet movie buffs approach films in a whole new way. In the bad old days fans knew almost nothing about movies as they were being made, there wasn’t a heck of a lot of news… [ read more ]

Ireland Baldwin & Artist Jon Boy May Be In Trouble With The Law

November 9 2015

In a visit with tattoo artist Jon Boy on October 18, 2015, Ireland Baldwin got hold of the tattoo machine at his West Village shop (West 4 Tattoo) and inked the signature of Los Angeles, “LA” on his arm. The friends… [ read more ]

Peanuts Tattoos

November 6 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown? He and his best friend, Snoopy, have been making people of all ages laugh for decades. The power pals are a staple to America’s family of comics. Now, the Peanuts are headed… [ read more ]

10 Reasons People Get Tattooed

November 6 2015

Our reasoning for getting tattooed usually changes over time. Initially, we often get tattoos that have a lot of meaning behind them. It’s not unusual to feel that the more ink we get, the less monumental each session is. For… [ read more ]

11 Pop Songs That Sing About Tattoos

November 6 2015

Gallery Follows the Text It seems the word “tattoo” is the go-to lyric used by female pop stars to express their undying love for a mate. It has become the ultimate metaphor used to describe the pain caused by a broken heart…. [ read more ]

Tattoos With Facial Hair

November 4 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Movember is here. By now, November 4, all you sexy beard-growing men should have a solid amount of scruff since shaving your face clean on the first of the month. This scruff (the kind your girlfriend… [ read more ]

Your Favorite Stars Made out of Peanuts

October 30 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Steve Casino has managed to turn your favorite ballgame snack into the cutest characters in Hollywood. The peanut painter, monster maker, and toy inventor brings salty peanuts to life. Right down to the expression on their… [ read more ]

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