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Tattoos With Facial Hair

November 4 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Movember is here. By now, November 4, all you sexy beard-growing men should have a solid amount of scruff since shaving your face clean on the first of the month. This scruff (the kind your girlfriend… [ read more ]

Your Favorite Stars Made out of Peanuts

October 30 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Steve Casino has managed to turn your favorite ballgame snack into the cutest characters in Hollywood. The peanut painter, monster maker, and toy inventor brings salty peanuts to life. Right down to the expression on their… [ read more ]

Nikki Nichole Has a Taste For Blood

October 30 2015

Nikki Nichole is one of our favorite Inked Girls, or, at least she was before we learned that she was a bloodthirsty killer. OK, we know that she’s not an actual killer, she’s just really into Halloween. Head to the gallery below… [ read more ]

Disney’s Leading Ladies Dress Up For Halloween

October 28 2015

Gallery Follows the Text My, my, how the tables have turned. This Halloween, some of Disney’s most celebrated women are taking a stand and switching things up. With the help if artist Isaiah Stephens, the Disney characters have dressed up as… [ read more ]

Amber Rose Is Not Happy With GQ

October 28 2015

Amber Rose is done being overshadowed by her past relationships with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. GQ recently released a lengthy interview with Rose that largely revolved around her relationship with West—that was the last straw. According to her Instagram, she was “So excited to be featured… [ read more ]

The Tattoos of Jenna Jameson

October 27 2015

Jenna Jameson hasn’t performed in an adult film in over 7 years but she is still the most recognizable name in the industry, a fact that isn’t likely to change for decades. As one of the first adult actresses to… [ read more ]

Adorable Monsters by M.S. Corley

October 27 2015

After years of being terrified of monsters like Medusa, the Succubus, werewolves and vampires the drawings of M.S. Corley are making us rethink that position. The illustrator has been spending the month of October re-imagining all of history’s most famous… [ read more ]

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