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Poppy Tattoos

April 7 2016

CLICK THROUGH THE GALLERY TO FIND 15 TATTOOS OF POPPY FLOWERS, DON’T MISS #6, A TRULY INCREDIBLE RIB TATTOO! Poppy tattoos illustrate one of our favorite flowers, and remind us all of our grandpa, papa, pop, or poppy! Tattoos of poppies are often… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Amazing Portrait Tattoos

April 7 2016

All 20 portrait tattoos in this gallery are amazing, but #9 will leave you in awe. Portrait tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs, but for an artist they can be some of the most difficult to create…. [ read more ]

VIDEO: Learn How To Become An Old School Tattoo

April 6 2016

Searching for makeup tutorials that won’t give you Kylie Jenner’s lips or Carrie Underwood’s smokey eye is tricky. So we turned to YouTube sensation Lex of Made U Look in an effort to avoid being basic and trendy and to start being… [ read more ]

Preview of the Sexy New Inked Girls W/ Talleigha and 11 More Gorgeous Models

April 5 2016

Cover model Talleigha is just one of 12 drop dead gorgeous tattooed women waiting for you wearing almost nothing but ink in the latest Inked Girls. The new issue (available for digital download  here, here and here) is filled with… [ read more ]

The Tattoos of Walking Dead’s Leading Man: Norman Reedus

April 4 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead got you down? Us too. Cliffhangers are bullshit. All these weeks anticipating the death of a major character and now we don’t even know who’s gone. THE NERVE. But we get… [ read more ]

Sacred Heart Tattoos

April 4 2016

The Sacred Heart is one of the most important images of Catholic iconography, it’s not wonder that so many people have chosen to have it tattooed as a way to show their faith. In the gallery below you will see… [ read more ]

Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie Is Now A Tattoo

April 4 2016

We found something that will last longer than Kim Kardashian West‘s censored selfies. Tattooer Charley Gerardin of Melbourne, Australia, inked the controversial pic on a client… and we love it. Like Kim’s nudes, Gerardin’s tattoo received mixed reviews. Unlike Kim, Gerardin didn’t let the haters get… [ read more ]

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