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Tattoos of Human/Animal Hybrids

July 16 2015

The internet is filled with all different types of tattoos, just ask Google. Among the most popular tattoos, humans and animals rank pretty high up there. We’ve all seen at least one human portrait tattoo and at least some type… [ read more ]

The Sexiest American Picker

July 15 2015

If you have never seen American Pickers, this may give you a push to turn on the History Channel. One of the newest “trends” amongst old soul Americans is to go digging into forgotten piles of what appears to be… [ read more ]

3D Nail Art

July 15 2015

French manicures and single tone nail colors are slowly fading away and a new nail art trend is on the rise. 3D nail art is literally popping up everywhere these days. You know, because it’s 3D. Check out this gallery… [ read more ]

How to Become an Apprentice

July 15 2015

Landing an apprenticeship with a top artist is a feat very few accomplish though many wish to. Freshly Inked’s July cover artist Carlos Rojas broke it down for those aspiring to shine in the competitive field tattooing has become. Apprenticeships have… [ read more ]

Bejeweled Cat Butts

July 15 2015

Face it, cat butts are gross. Many dogs have the decency to cover their buttholes with their tails, but not cats. Felines flaunt their pink balloon knots like it is their best feature. Until now! Enter Twinkle Tush, the revolutionary… [ read more ]

WATCH: New Coca-Cola Campaign is Eye-Opening in Prejudicial Times

July 15 2015

If chills don’t sweep your skin in the first two seconds (unlikely), the hair on the back of your neck will stand at the 1:11 mark, we promise. Coca-Cola Middle East launched the famous red and white can free of any label or… [ read more ]

Cow Tattoos

July 15 2015

Cows are good for so many things, like tipping. And steak. And tattoos. Wait, did I say tattoos? Yes, yes I did. It turns out that a lot of people are in love with cattle and they have gotten the… [ read more ]

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