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Poll Proves that Most People Don’t Regret Their Tattoos

July 14 2015

“You’re going to regret those tattoos when you’re older.” If you have ink you probably can’t count the number of times that someone has said this to you. In the past you have probably balled your fists with rage when… [ read more ]

The Bearded Dame – Harnaam Kaur

July 13 2015

“I wanted to show society that beauty isn’t just about looking a certain way, we are all so different and we should all celebrate our individuality.” – Harnaam Kaur Harnaam Kaur defies what “beauty” should be in the eyes of… [ read more ]

Amy Winehouse’s Tattoos & Movie Trailer

July 10 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Amy Winehouse has been jazzing up the Inked offices all day long; we can’t stop listening to her groundbreaking voice. Not so coincidentally, the moving documentary Amy showcasing the stars life hit theaters nationwide today (now you… [ read more ]

Mind Blowing Eyeshadow Art

July 9 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Ladies, the next time a guy drops the line, “You have the most beautiful eyes,” check if your eyeshadow game is up to par with the following lineup of exquisite eye makeup. If it is, we are totally… [ read more ]

Stained Glass Tattoos

July 9 2015

Gallery Follows the Text We were browsing through our tattoo-packed Facebook news feed when we came across a gorgeous stained glass piece done by Ink Master‘s St. Marq (season six). Needless to say his insane work got us thinking about all the… [ read more ]

These Flipbooks Will Blow Your Mind

July 8 2015

Like many kids I used to spend hours and hours trying to make flipbooks. Despite all of my best efforts every one of them ended up looking much more like a disjointed surrealist film than the Looney Tunes animation I… [ read more ]

WATCH: Tattooed Woman Brands Skin at Scorching 932ºF

July 8 2015

How’d you like to burn your skin with a scorching needle heated to at least 932 degrees Fahrenheit? Not for you? Kerri, the tattooed vixen in the video below, handled scarification like a damn champ as she is seen having… [ read more ]

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