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10 Things You Might Not Know About Tattoos

August 11 2015

Think you know a lot about tattoos? Here are a couple of fun little facts about tattoos and the tattooing industry that you may have never even thought to consider previously. Do you know who Betty Broadbent was? Have you… [ read more ]

Dr. House (Hugh Laurie’s) Face Tattooed on a Face

August 10 2015

So this freaky photo of a man with Dr. House/Hugh Laurie’s face tattooed on his own face is making rounds today. Some have attributed it to Marshall_3rdeye but 25 weeks ago he discredited it. Anybody have an info on this?… [ read more ]

Shoe Tattoos

August 7 2015

We love shoes. We spend insane amounts of money on them, talk about them, covet them and customize them. The people in this gallery have taken their love to the next level by getting tattoos of some of their most… [ read more ]

Tattoos & Daisy Dukes For The Win

August 7 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Get ready to fall in love many times over–we’re not sure there is anything sexier than the gallery that follows. Since Daisy debuted her Dukes in the ’70s, denim has exuded effortless sex appeal. Perhaps that is… [ read more ]

10 Faces You Need to See

August 7 2015

Gallery Follows the Text We are constantly blown away by the work tattooists are producing on the daily. The skill level required to execute a portrait tattoo, whether it be abstract or inked directly from a photograph, is astronomical. We’re so proud… [ read more ]

Tattoos Inspired by Tim Burton

August 6 2015

No one can create a gothic, yet endearing horror or fantasy film quite like Tim Burton. The legendary film producer, who is also a director, writer and animator (yeah, he is kind of a big deal), has produced an undeniably… [ read more ]

Fingerprint Tattoos

August 6 2015

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” – Bill Wilson We all have someone in our lives who holds a special place in our heart. That special person could be a… [ read more ]

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