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Crawl Into Bed With These Inked Girls

April 28 2015

Gone are the days when we would whine about having to go to bed too early. When we see these beautiful tattooed women getting ready to pull down the sheets it doesn’t matter what time of day it is. In… [ read more ]

Why Should You Date a Tattooed Person?

April 23 2015

Tattooed people are just like everyone else—behind the tough looking exterior there is a gooey romantic who just wants to find their special someone. Sure, they may prefer reveling over their new matching skull tattoos at a dive bar over… [ read more ]

Swipe Right for These Tattooed Tinder Girls

April 23 2015

Tinder is a strange place. You need to be especially careful about which profiles you swipe right on or you are going to find yourself in quite the predicament. It’s not just physical attraction though… there are a lot of… [ read more ]

Kristen Stewart Gets Tattoo in Case of Life Imitating Art

April 22 2015

Actors are known to go to great extremes to get into character for a role and it is often noted that these roles will stay with the actor for the rest of their lives. A couple of notable examples are… [ read more ]

Did Neymar Steal David Beckham’s Tattoo Design?

April 21 2015

GALLERY FOLLOWS TEXT Apparently when they aren’t on the pitch dominating every other team in Spain’s Primera Division the members of Barcelona like to spend their time at the tattoo shop. In a Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain both… [ read more ]

Strength Through Ink – A Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor’s Therapeutic Tattoo

April 20 2015

On the third Monday of April citizens of Massachusetts celebrate Patriots’ Day. The holiday was conceived to honor the date of the first battles of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord but has morphed into something else in the… [ read more ]

Some Like it Hot – A Preview of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo

April 17 2015

It’s called the scoville scale, used to measure the amount of spice in food. These are units of measurement that fans of the Third Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo are well familiar with. Now, anybody can whip up a sauce… [ read more ]