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VIDEO: Rihanna Straddles and Tattoos Somebody For Her Album Campaign

December 9 2015

In case you haven’t heard—or seen—Rihanna has a new album coming out titled ANTI. The bad gal teamed up with Samsung to promote the LP by teasing the public with a video campaign, ANTIdiary. Each week, a new video is released in… [ read more ]

Outrageous Realism Pencil Drawings

December 9 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Prepare to have your mind blown. The realism pencil drawings that follow are so good they look as if you can pull them right out of the screen. Some look like straight up photographs—see the apples… [ read more ]

Elf On The Shelf Being Inappropriate

December 3 2015

Christmas is in the air! Carols are being sung, bells are being rung and the abominable toy that is Elf on the Shelf is creeping his way out of the shadows and into your lives. In case you didn’t already… [ read more ]

New ‘Tattoo’ Technology Could Replace Your Doctor and Your Wallet

December 3 2015

The latest in “tattoo” technology has the ability to monitor your health entirely. Its purpose is similar to that of the famed FitBit, if the FitBit was not a bracelet. Tech Tats, known as biowearables (wearable technology), are applied like temporary… [ read more ]

White Elephant Gifts Under $25 That Will Please Everyone

December 2 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Have you ever left a game of White Elephant thinking Why did I drop $25 on a cool gift to leave with an expensive box of chocolates that taste like shit? The only thing worse than leaving with… [ read more ]

Tinderella: A Modern Fairy Tale

December 1 2015

Dating apps have become such a norm in the dating world. From seeking long term relationships to just a hook up, there is an app for it all. It can take seconds for us to get matched with people we… [ read more ]

This Toddler’s Walker is Out of This World Thanks to a Tattoo Artist

November 30 2015

It’s the season of giving, and tattoo artist Nathan Gerger has taken that to heart in the best way by decking out a walker for two-year-old Henri “Kai” Grabill. Kai has a condition called hypotonia, which manifests in a lack… [ read more ]

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