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Yallzee’s Amazing Lettering Tattoos

March 21 2016

The uninitiated may believe that tattooing script should be one of the easiest things to accomplish, but let it be known that many of the most renowned artists in the world have a hard time doing lettering. On the surface… [ read more ]

Ben Affleck’s Back Tattoo Is Fake!

March 21 2016

Updated 3/21/16 Ben Affleck’s back tattoo is FAKE. Way to get one over on the media, Affleck. Turns out the massive phoenix tattoo, disliked by long-time ex Jennifer Lopez and ex-wife Jennifer Garner (read their thoughts below), is for a movie… [ read more ]

Awesome Tattoos Inspired by Mickey Mouse

March 18 2016

Who would have ever thought that a mouse would eventually rule the world of entertainment? That would be crazy. But that’s just what Mickey Mouse, and more importantly the people who created him, has done. The cartoon mouse has become… [ read more ]

Glyph Tattoos

March 17 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Glyph tattoos are way cooler than one would think because let’s be honest—how many people are fluent in “glyph?” It’s hardly acceptable to say that there is such a definitive glyph language when in fact, glyphs… [ read more ]

Tattoos That Tell Monday How You Really Feel

March 14 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Making it to Friday seems like a life sentence. Then it arrives and boom—it’s Monday again. The Monday blues are hard to shake and you’re probably concerned as to how the day will play out. We don’t want you… [ read more ]

Five Celebrities With Awesome Tattoos Inked in Honor of Their Heritage

March 11 2016

A person’s heritage plays at least a small part in how they see themselves and how they relate to the world, and in the case of celebrities who enjoy getting tattooed, they sometimes choose pieces that represent their culture and their… [ read more ]

Gypsy Tattoos

March 11 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Four things stood out to us while we gathered the following gypsy tattoos: First, gypsy women are flamboyant, proud and intriguing. Next, they have incredible accessories; their jewels are as dazzling as are their headdresses. Third, almost every… [ read more ]

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