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Wait Until You See This Scannable Barcode Tattoo

August 5 2015

Wait until you see what this barcode tattoo pulls up under the scanner. According to Reddit, “A half-black, half-white teenager’s parents finally allowed him to get a tattoo… This is what he picked” And in case you thought this was… [ read more ]

Creative Miniature Photos

August 4 2015

Tatsuya Tanaka is wildly creative and prolific. Since 2011 he has been creating a miniature day calendar on his website. He says, “Everyone must have had similar thoughts at least once. Broccoli and parsley might sometimes look like a forest, or… [ read more ]

Watch: Dirt Biker Rides Wave

August 3 2015

Do you know what’s baller? Riding a friggin’ wave on a dirt bike. That’s it, we have nothing left to add save Robbie Maddison wins Shark Week for DC Shoes.

Fridays are for Funny Tattoos

July 31 2015

Gallery Follows the Text When the clock strikes five p.m. (or four p.m. at the Inked offices *claps for summer Fridays*) you’re finally free to kiss your work worries goodbye until Monday. Even if you’re stuck working for the weekend–we’ve all… [ read more ]

Friendly Monster Tattoos

July 30 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Not all monsters are scary. Some are actually quite jolly, and although they may appear to be feared they’re the most lovable of the bunch. Think of them in relation to that uncle you were once too afraid to… [ read more ]

You Won’t Forget This Powerful Tattoo

July 30 2015

We’ve already tipped our hat to the uplifting trend going through the tattoo industry involving semicolon tattoos. In case you haven’t heard about this, the tattoos are being used as a way to raise awareness for people struggling with depression,… [ read more ]

You Need to Hear What Kat Von D Thinks About Cecil The Lion

July 30 2015

If you have been within 100 yards of a computer this week you have heard about the death of Cecil the Lion. After people learned the story of how a much beloved lion was lured out of a protected wildlife… [ read more ]

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