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Christ Tattoos

March 10 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Many have invested their faith in a religion of sort. Then again, many have not. No matter which category you fall into or the beliefs you value, we can all respect a good tattoo when we see… [ read more ]

Snow White Tattoos

March 9 2016

Hi ho. Hi ho. Off to get tattooed we go… The tale of Snow White is one of those very rare stories that virtually everyone knows. It’s easy to fall in love with the artistry behind the classic Disney movie,… [ read more ]

Lady Gaga Gets Matching Unity Tattoo with Sexual Assault Survivors

March 4 2016

Lady Gaga’s performance at the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday was nothing if not haunting, and the singer celebrated the powerful “Til It Happens to You” tribute by getting a tattoo on her shoulder of a symbol of unity, one… [ read more ]

The Best of Tiger Tattoos

March 3 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Rather than touring a zoo for tigers, we prefer looking at tattoos. Nothing is more disheartening than walking through a zoo to see massive cats (and other species) trapped from the wild. Tigers, lions, bears, giraffes!… [ read more ]

Wing Tattoos Vol. 1

March 2 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Don’t ever be afraid to spread your wings and fly, the inked individuals in the following gallery sure weren’t. Perhaps it’s the message behind their angelic feathers that helped them reach that point. After all, every tattoo has a… [ read more ]

Harley Quinn Tattoos

March 2 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Dear Wonder Woman, Superman, Poison Ivy, even you, Joker: Harley Quinn is here to slay. The kick ass comic kills it in Suicide Squad, but she was making moves long before she hit theaters. The female… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Slithering Snake Tattoos

March 2 2016

Snakes are absolutely fascinating. The legless reptiles have been the subject of scorn and fear since biblical times, and with good reason! Not only are they strange looking, but some snakes are venomous and able to kill humans with a… [ read more ]

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