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  • Video Game Tattoos

    Ever since everyone caught Pac Man fever back in the 1980′s video games have been a major part of American pop culture. Sometimes people want to take that love out of the arcade and put into their skin by getting tattoos… [ read more ]

  • Thigh or Breast?

    When it comes to admiring the tattoos of a beautiful woman our minds often wander to a place similar to what we think about when choosing chicken; thigh or breast? Instead of making a choice we have decided to embrace… [ read more ]

  • Lego Tattoos

    Ever since they were introduced in 1949 Legos have captured the imaginations of children and adults. The little colored bricks can be used to create virtually anything that a person can dream of. The key player in the environments a… [ read more ]

  • ‘Job Stopper’ Tattoos

    Some people refer to tattoos that can’t be covered up (hands, neck, head and face) as “job stoppers” since they might prevent a person from getting hired. We look at things a little differently here at; we’d like to… [ read more ]

  • Sultry Tattooed Selfies

    Look, it’s not that we don’t appreciate professional photography, quite the opposite in fact. Some of our best friends are photographers. But there is something undeniably hot about “selfies.” We’ve collected a gallery of some of the sexiest pictures of… [ read more ]

  • Armed and Dangerous

    The newest addition to AMC’s reign of chart topping TV series chronicles the lives of American competitive arm wrestlers (most of whom are tattooed) through gritted teeth and curled biceps. Game of Arms follows members from five arm wrestling clubs… [ read more ]

  • Geometric Tattoos

    Geometric tattoos are definitely some of the most impressive looking ink around. The precision that it takes to make this kind of art look good is immense and at times quite awe-inspiring. We collected a gallery of some of our… [ read more ]