Chilean Man has 82 Julia Roberts Tattoos

The movie Erin Brokovich has changed many lives for the better. It won Julia Roberts an Oscar. It inspired intellectual superhero Courtney Stodden, who has cited the film as a source of strength. Then there’s this one Chilean dude who has covered his body in Julia Roberts portraits. 

Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic has shelled out more than 1 million pesos (about $2,500) to use his body as a shrine to Roberts, with whom he became smitten after watching Brokovich. Many of his tattoos are inspired by scenes in the movie, though it’s hard to tell – most of the black and white tats are of a vacant-eyed Roberts, her head floating haphazardly around Bukovic’s torso, back, and arms.

At least Bukovic had the forethought to request different hairstyles. A girl can only rock the Erin Brokovich on so much Chilean upper body.


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