Coffee Art

We firmly believe that almost anything can be turned into a piece of art; skin, sidewalks and even the food we eat can be given an artistic flourish. The foam at the top of a latte offers up a fine “canvas” for creative baristas so we created a gallery of some of our favorite coffee art.

Polly want a cracker? No way. Polly really wants a latte.

bird coffee art

The dark side of the force looks pretty delicious.

Darth Vader coffee art

Edward Scissorhands.

Edward Scissor hands latte

See, we told you that we needed our coffee to think.

Einstein Latte

Make your own coffee art with this 2 Skull Mug Set and Deadman’s Reach Coffee

blk-skull-coffee-1_1 (1)

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A well adorned elephant.


Amazing Iron Man art by Kazuki Yamamoto

iron man latte by kazuki-yamamoto

It looks like all the pieces are fitting together perfectly.

jigsaw puzzle coffee art

Why so serious?

Joker latte

Strut your stuff with this Men’s Rooster Tank by Annex Clothing



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Awesome Nightmare Before Christmas art by Kazuki Yamamoto.

latte-art-nightmare by Kazuki Yamamoto

After standing out in the cold November Rain warm up with a nice latte by Mike Breach.

Latte-Art-Portrait-by Mike-Breach

Be careful about getting foam in your mustache.

moustashe latte

Detailed peacock art.

Peacock Latte

If you liked the peacock latte you’ll love the Peacock Cameo Necklace by Gasoline Glamour


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You should probably be careful about drinking this cup.

skull_bones_latte art

Eric Lunsford photographed this beautiful rendition of the St. Louis skyline.

St Louis skyline latte by Erik Lunsford

Mike Breach gives a rendition of everyone’s favorite psychotic baby, Stewie Griffin.

Stewie Coffee-Art-by-Michael-Breach

You might want to mix in a little of Heisenberg’s special blue with this cup of coffee.

walter white coffee art

Break a few hearts wearing this Rose Heart Lace Back Tee by Lucky 13


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