Convention Recap; Hell City.

The flames were high, as always, at this year’s Hell City. This summer marks “a decade of sin” for the tattoo festival that was started by Durb Morrison back in 2002. Cheesy wording aside, this festival is always packed full with entertainment. This year’s festival included a freak show, hot ladies on stilts, art work, live music, and lots more of course. Celebrities, like the cast of ‘Master Ink’ and Kat Von D, always show up in hell. Some even teach in the educational seminars that are held there each year. They also have a section of the festival that is dedicated to kids, Heck City. The kids can get fake tattoos, fake wounds, and other fun stuff. Yes, I said wounds. Hell City also wouldn’t be complete without the Suicide Girls. They are the official, and sexy, “trophy girls” of Hell City. This year’s was held in “Killumbus”, Ohio, but you can also meet the devil in Phoenix, Arizona every other year. If you’ve never been to a Hell City, you’re missing “one hell of a good time”.

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