Crumpler Store in Soho Re-Opens and Brings the Goodies For Their Fall/Winter Collection

Functional, comfortable and great looking luggage connoisseur Crumpler on 45 Spring Street is back with the freshness. Re-opened officially last Thursday, the store features new racks, new walls, and new bags. Most notably the best things about Crumpler bags are that they are all extremely light, easy to carry and every bag has a specific function. The awesome colors combinations don’t hurt either.

The store has added a new line of camera luggage to their collection, which proved to live up to their reputation of and good looking. The bags screamed organization as every pocket, zipper and compartment has a purpose. You can’t find that at Northface.

Another new addition to the store is the Gypsy Moth line, which is the first exclusively woman’s brand. And of course the Dry Red line is still fabulous, with the largest suitcase only weighing what seems like a feather.

Along with functionality, every bag can fit a laptop, is water resistant and has a 100-year warranty. Crumpler has literally thought of everything when it comes to the customers needs and satisfaction.

Check out the collection below and the new store renovations! Let us know if you are digging the store, and the new collections! Check out the website for more.

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