Deadmau5 Release New Video “The Veldt”

Deadmau5 has a new video out called “The Veldt”, which is inspired by the late author Ray Bradbury.

Bradbury wrote a short story called “The World The Children Made”, which was published by “The Saturday Evening Post” in 1950. The story soon became known as “The Veldt” .

Deadmau5 used the world that the author created in the story as his muse for the song, which features Chris James. The music and lyrics, written by James, are also dedicated to Bradbury. 

The electric music producer posted about Bradbury on his personal Twitter page at the time of the author’s death, saying, “RIP Ray Bradbury :( youve touched many lives with your work, and even a few more recently you might not have expected! Sleep well dude!”

“The Veldt” appears on “The Veldt” four-song EP.


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