Denon’s Urban Raver Headphones Won’t Disappoint


Like their name suggests, Denon’s AH-D400 Urban Raver headphones are better suited for today’s techno, trance and dubstep music. Despite having a very bass-heavy sound, the treble is crisp and clear, which was a welcome surprise. These over-ear headphones have an amplifier that can be turned on or off for more or less bass, but the “on” setting definitely makes a difference. Without the amplifier, the sound is almost inaudible. You’ll have to turn up the volume to its highest setting on your laptop, smart phone or mp3 player to hear anything at all.

There’s no denying that these headphones look a little strange. They’re bulky, but they’re also one of the most comfortable ones I’ve tried. The ear pieces and headpiece fit snugly, and the padding is plush and well-cushioned. These are closed headphones that keep the sound in really well, even when the volume is high. 

If you’re a multitasking music listener/phone user, these headphones will probably be your best friend. A rotating knob on the right side is used to control the volume during a phone call, but since I don’t have a smart phone, I wasn’t able to try it out. You can also press the same knob to play or pause music when you need to answer a call. Denon, you get an A+ for ingenuity…I just hope this feature actually works.


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