Diet Coke Debuts Their New Tattoo Bottle by Gaultier

French haute couture fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, is giving the world a taste of ink with his new design of Diet Coke bottles, entitled “Tattoo.” Being the creative director for Diet Coke, Gaultier was able to share his passion of body art with all consumers.

This is Jean Paul’s third bottle design release, after taking over as creative director for Karl Lagerfeld. Although previous designs were great, nothing shakes our souls more here at Inked than this ode to tattoos on a diet coke bottle. It seems that tattoos are doing nothing but becoming more mainstream.

The tattoo bottle dons tribal and chain like tattoos that form into a sexy corset, a signature of Gaultiers. The bottle is available sometime this month, and the price is… unknown. Check out the Youtube page for some behind the scenes and tell us what you think?

Does this bottle make you tattoo fiends proud?

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