DJ Launches Music Festival In Flint

Drop Fest, a musical festival created by DJ Jerin Sage, will mark its debut this Saturday in Flint, Mich. and Sage couldn’t be any happier.
“The only rules: have fun and don’t break anything,” he said. Sage, who hails from Flint, was inspired to create Drop Fest after years of attending Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF).
“DEMF brings people from around the world because it has that unity,” Sage said of the different types of attendees and performers that would appear at the festival. He also liked that DEMF was free of charge when it first started.
Drop Fest came about after four months of planning and also after receiving donated stages, decorations, and performances from musicians and visual artists. The electronic music festival will also feature the talents of other native Michigan DJs, like DJ Psycho. Downtown Flint will have three stages set up for Drop Fest.
“This festival is happening because people wanted it to,” Sage said, “It’s an opportunity to let something underground get out and get in the spotlight.”

Source: M Live

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