Drawn Together

Every parent hates being forced to spend extended time away from his or her children, especially when it’s for work. Tattoo artist and inventor Fred Giovannitti and his children have come up with a cool way to ease the pain of being apart. Giovannitti has to leave his kids when he makes a monthly commute from his home in Delaware to spend 10 days working out of a tattoo studio in Las Vegas. His children would often draw pictures for Giovannitti to take on the road. During one of his monthly flights Giovannitti decided to color in the picture his daughter had drawn with colored pencils and a new tradition was born.

When Giovannitti returned home with the above picture his family was overjoyed. Every time Giovannitti has to hit the road his kids give him pictures to color, he takes a picture of their drawing prior to coloring it, and at the urging of his wife he has posted the collaborations on an imgur page.

Here are a few of the collaborations between the father and his children with explanations from Giovannitti.


“I did this one a few years back on a whim to see how it would look if I colored one of my 4 year old daughter’s pictures,” Giovannitti said. “This is the one that started it all for me.”


“After a few months, I remembered about coloring the previous drawing and asked my daughter to draw me another one for my trip,” Giovannitti explained.


Giovannitti’s wife wanted to have the kids draw chickens to decorate the kitchen.


“On my next trip my 6 year old son wanted to get in on the act,” Giovannitti said. “This time they both drew me up something. Same colored pencils, this time on 8×10 paper.”


“The first time I forgot my colored pencils on my flight, I decided to try my hand at coloring the drawings from my kids on the ol’ ipad,” Giovannitti explained. “Needless to say, everyone loved it at home and I figured I’ll try getting better at this medium.”

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