Friday The 13th at Dare Devil Tattoo NYC

This past Friday, July 13th, marked the third and final “Friday the 13th” of 2012. So of course, a handful of us here at Inked decided to celebrate the occasion. Luckily for us, Dare Devil Tattoo in New York City has been busting out awesome $13 “Thirteen” Tattoos for years. So we headed out for a quick trip downtown to the shop, located at 174 Ludlow Street, Lower East Side.

A couple broken mirrors and a few black-cats-in-our-path later and we were at our location; and mixed right in with the eager crowd checking out the sheet of flash, that displayed 34 “Thirteen” inspired designs. Shop owner and artist, Michelle Myles and her crew made us feel right at home on this most eerie of days. Food Network Star, Chef Aaron Sanchez even stopped by to fill in what little blank space he had left on his arm to get a Thirteen tattoo of his own!

Many thanks and much respect to Dared Devil Tattoo for their willingness to spend an entire day tattooing the fans of the “Thirteenth.” Nice to know they’ll have plenty of time to prep for the next big day, September 13, 2013.

Be sure to check out Dare Devil Tattoo and the artists the made this day happen at

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