Friday The 13th Tattoo Sales

As seems to be tradition in many NYC tattoo shops Friday the 13 is celebrated with $13.00 Friday the 13th tattoos and of course the lucky seven $7.00 tip. The first Friday the 13th of the year is this Friday and we know of a few quality shops holding sales. Tattoo Seen in the Bronx, the flash seen above is from their own Mike Brummett, will offer $13, $50 and $100 designs all day until the last customer is tattooed. Each of the artists in this shop have created their own custom flash for the event. In Park Slope Brooklyn both Hand Of Glory Tattoo and The End Is Near will be holding the sale along with giving customers commemorative wooden nickels that entitle patrons of Commonwealth Bar, Cafe Steinhof and Couleur Cafe to specials. Another feature of the Park Slope shops’ Friday the 13th event is the hot sauce tasting with Heartbreaking Dawns Spicy Foods and small batch sodas from 1776 Beverage Company starting at 12 p.m.–.html?soid=1101437848763&aid=J0tvML1uYs4

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