Graffiti Artists Who Just Can’t Stop Graffitiing

Associated Press has done a touching piece on popular native New York graffiti artists Angel Ortiz and Andrew Witten. The article shares the artists need to still graffiti, even after 30 years. Even while spending time with their children or walking a dog.

“I’m chronologically old to be out there doing it,” Witten admits with a playful smile. “I’m sure I can’t run quite as fast.”

Witten built a reputation as a master at spray-painting extravagant graffiti pieces on freight and subway trains, called train-bombing, in the neighborhoods where he now teaches his 6-year-old daughter, Lulu, to skateboard.”

Some say that graffiti has died or even changed, but with “old timers,” continuing to put their mark on society, it will never die. Check out the entirety of the article here, it’s interesting and will give you a little insight into old school graffiti.

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