Graffiti Festival Celebrates 18th Year

Bridge Jam, the longest-running graffiti festival in Europe, concluded today in Drogheda, Ireland.
“Graffiti is more fashionable now than in years gone by,” said festival creator Darrin Finnegan, who is a self-taught artist, “The advertising and design agencies see it as a way of reaching the youth market.”
The artists who attended see graffiti as a work of art and hope they can separate the art from the criminal reputation it has. “Many think it is a mad gang culture thing; it is a gang of people, but they are far more likely to paint you than beat you up,” said Liverpool-based artist known as “Beta.”
Nearly 40 artists participated in the three-day festival this year. The graffiti art is displayed on the abutments of the Bridge of Peace and will stay there until next year’s festival.

Source: Irish Times

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