Grandmother of Six Gets ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Tattoo

A mother of two, and grandmother, Joy Tomkins decided that she did not want to be brought back to life in a medical emergency following the slow death of her husband Malcom. She had ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ tattooes across her chest – and ‘PTO’ on her back. The grandmother-of-six, who suffers from arthritis, Reynard’s disease and diabetes, said today that she does not want to endure a slow, lingering death.

Mrs Tomkins told the Daily Mail, “I am afraid that the medical profession will, with the best of medical intentions I hope, keep me alive when I don’t want to be alive. I dont want to lie for hours, months or even years before dying. I don’t want my family to remember me as a lump.”

What’s your take on this? What would you do?

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