Happy Halloween from Inked magazine: Here’s Ronnie from Jersey Shore in a Snooki wig.

A few weeks ago Inked magazine was shooting Ronnie Magro-Ortiz from Jersey Shore for our December/January issue and to bring out Ronnie’s infectious cackle Inked’s Editor Rocky Rakovic wore a Snooki-poof-wig ($16.99 at Spirit) while photographer Kareem Black fired away. Then Ronnie decided to don the poof himself.

Last Halloween Ronnie dressed as co-star DJ Pauly D, but he told Inked that he didn’t think he’d dress up this year. When we asked about Sammie he answered: “Me and Sammie are not together. We were together up until the last couple of weeks (of Season 5) but we have been really busy, she’s been busy, we like each other, we care about each other, it’s just that now’s not the right time.” Speaking of timing, since Season 5 doesn’t launch until January he talked about the gap between filming and airing. “Last year we were in the house (shooting Season 3) as we were watching the Miami season and that’s why it was so intense, because Sam was seeing stuff I did. So it was like, Fuck me! I couldn’t even run.”

Then on how the girls are treating “Single Ronnie!” he said, “Throughout the Jersey Shore I’ve had my intervals when I was single, but I sort of feel like a hot girl now! I feel like I have the vagina—I have the control now.”

Look for more of the interview in Inked’s December/January double issue on newsstands in the coming weeks.

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