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Happy Sailor Jerry Day!

So it’s Sailor Jerry day once again! In commemoration of the great tattoo artist, go buy a bottle of his spiced Caribbean rum and try out these awesome drink recipes!

Rockabilly Juice
2 parts Sailor Jerry Rum
1/2 parts Lemon Juice
1/3 parts Orange Curacao
2 parts Black Tea (iced tea)

Glass: Highball
Method: Build over ice in a tall glass, squeeze and drop in a lemon wedge

2 parts Sailor Jerry
1 scoop (vanilla) ice cream

Glass: Highball
Method: Add Sailor Jerry to a highball glass full of ice, drop in the scoop of ice cream and top with cola. Beat drunk with a straw.

And don’t forget to toast to the Sailor!

For more recipes, click here.

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