House of Coniglio Steampunk Jewelry at WSSC

            House of Coniglio jewelry designer Beverley Coniglio found herself fascinated with the Steampunk lifestyle without even knowing it.  A self proclaimed “flea market hound” Coniglio found herself using gears and knick-knacks she found in antique shops to make jewelry and only later found out that there had been a name for the style in which she had been working.

            Using everything from vintage and antique watch parts to drops of glass and porcelain dolls from Germany Coniglio creates unique pieces of jewelry.

            “I use a lot of onyx,” said Coniglio. “I’ve used pearls in a couple [of] pieces. But I can’t afford to buy the expensive gems right now.”

            One of the more popular pieces in the line are art nouveau dragonflies stamped out of antique dye and made into earrings and necklaces. The majority of the pieces are one of a kind and range in price from $65-1,200.

            “I do a lot of commission work. I make these bracelets that are like gears. I’ve had people request certain colors [and] certain typewriter keys. I’m willing to work with whoever wants to work with me.”

            House of Coniglio is currently available for purchase on Etsy, 3 shops in the Boston area, Spirit Gallery Tattoo in Connecticut and recently became available in the home of NY Ink Wooster Street Social Club as a part of their Steampunk Mobilis in Mobili Gallery.

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