Hurricane Sandy’s No Match for the Rockaway Renegades: Volunteer Efforts Raise over $17,000


Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, tearing its way through cities, towns and beaches alike. Luckily, the Rockaway Renegades are ready and willing to give back to those who have lost everything.

The Renegades were formed by Jessica Pierik, Holly Jane Butler, Becca Roach, Sara Blake and Norah Gurley. Their efforts have grown exponentially within just a few days. This entirely volunteer-based group is dedicated to providing relief in the Rockaways and is making a huge impact. The Renegades infuse volunteer work with an infectious enthusiasm – Just take a look at their Facebook page.

On November 1, the Renegades drove from Greenpoint to the Rockaways to hand out supplies and hot meals. Within the last week, the group has raised over $17,000 in donations and is collecting various supplies, including canned goods, blankets, flashlights, diapers and shovels. 

For those who can donate, the Renegades have several drop-off locations in Brooklyn: Carbon Negative on 69 Guernsey Street, Kings County on 286 Seigel Street (between Bogart & White) and Pearls Social & Billy Club on 40 Saint Nicholas Ave.

And for more donation information, visit the Rockaway Renegades’ page here


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