Indigo, Inked To Blood

Tattoos seem to be a popular trend in every sphere these days.From “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” to this novel. Tattoos are spreading far and wide – and onto the pages of young adult novels!
Indigo, Blood and Ink, is a young adult novel recently published by Alan Brooks. A fascinating story about a girl Indigo — 19 and Japanese — doesn’t know how she came to be on the street in New York City, rolled up in a rug and left to die. And she doesn’t know how her memory was erased or why her body is carpeted in tattoos. All she knows for certain is that assassins are after her and that no place is safe.And then her tattoos begin coming to life. While we may already embody the concept of our tattoos, how incredible is the idea that we could literally become them?

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