Ink Master Gives Broadway Full Sleeves

Over the span of three nights the creative team behind Ink Master has been designing what could arguably be the world’s biggest pair of “tattooed” sleeves.  As the show’s season five premiere approaches (starting Tuesday, September 2nd), the artists are preparing for the duels of a lifetime.  As this is the first “rivals” season, what better way to promote the competition than by creating two opposing tattooed arms each displaying a different style of tattooing.  Ink Master took over the only full block-sized billboard in New York City in the heart of Times Square and completely decked it out while working into the wee hours of the night.

Media Image 1

The artists at night working hard to complete the project within three days.

On the board was an an image of two arms representing blank canvases and for the last three nights, graffiti artists-turned-mural-tattooists have added some stylish ink to these dueling arms.  The artistic pair The Yok & Sheyro took over one half with a spin on the American traditional tattoo style, while on the other side Lamour Supreme showcased his New School color work. You can swing by Broadway between 51st and 52nd Streets to see this beauty for the next few days as the countdown to season five continues. Make sure to tune in Tuesday, September 2nd at 10pm EST to check out all of the new competitors and the return of Joshua Hibbard and Jason Clay Dunn for Ink Master: Rivals. You can also check out video footage of the billboard being made right here

Media 2

The morning after the first night of the artists’ work.

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