Ink Master Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

         In this week’s episode of Ink Master, the competitors battled it out over electric razors for a barbershop flash challenge. Some excelled (Kay, with a smooth galactic design) and some failed miserably (Jesse shaved a toothy, googly-eyed grin onto the back of his volunteer’s scalp, and Jamie barely managed to fully shave through hair). Kay’s string of triumphs only seemed to heighten his bravado, which he gleefully inflicted on fellow contestants throughout the episode. The Ink Master hopefuls were assigned US veterans as live canvases for an American traditional-themed tattoo elimination, and some had trouble sticking to the theme’s signature bold outlines and limited palette. During deliberation, things came to a head between Kay and, well, everyone. After the serial antagonist attacked artists like Nick – “There was nothing traditional about that big-ass, f*****g blue snoopy cloud!” –  Sarah spit venom right back at him, denying that his predatory “mind games” were effective. Despite steering clear of all the backstage mud-slinging, Ron suffered elimination over his botched eagle and flag. That leaves 14 contestants left in the running to become an Ink Master, so tune in next week to see who stays!

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