Ink Master (Season 3) Premier

The premier of Ink Master (Season 3) jumped right into some challenges that are both difficult, but key, qualities of being a great tattooist. The flash challenge was to tattoo prison inmates with a single needle. Joey Hamilton won with his depiction of a skull and was given the advantage of choosing the clients for each tattoo artist in the elimination round. For the elimination challenge, the contestants discovered that they would be tattooing the same prisoners from the flash challenge, and it turns out they aren’t really current inmates, but they all had tattoos they wanted covered up. Tactfully, Joey decided that everyone would be tattooing his/her previous client. The bottom three consisted of Mystical Mike, Maddie La Belle (who was voted worst tattoo of the day by the human canvas jury) and Frank McManus. In the end, Tatu Baby came out on top with her gypsy-style cover up and Frank was sent home for his rendition of a not-so-realistic screeching baboon.

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