Inspiring Mastectomy Tattoos

Lace bra post-mastectomy tattoo for Melissa Shelley by Rebellious Tony at Ink Couture, Staten Island, NY.

1 mastectomy bra tattoo

Tattoo by Kari Barba, Outer Limits Tattoo, Long Beach, CA.

2 mastectomy floral reconstruct

Beautiful bra post-mastectomy tattoo by Shane Wallin of Twilight Tattoo, Minneapolis, MN.

3 mastectomy bra 2

Tattoo by Roxx on the first P.INK Day. Photo from

4 blackwork scar coverage piece

Yvette wanted new nipples following her mastectomy and Jen Carmean of Monarch Tattoo was able to to that and more. Photo from

5 mastectomy petals

Women’s Dia Del Muerte Tee by Akumu Ink



Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women’s Dia Del Muerte Tee by Akumu Ink

“I am forever looking at myself in the mirror thinking, ‘Yes, this is me and I am beautiful.'” – Willie Mae Tattoo by Miranda Lorberer of Pop’s Tattoo Emporium. Photo courtesy of

6 Mastectomy roses

This colorful squid tattoo turns a mastectomy scar into a mark of empowerment. Compliments of Kris and Joy at Coastline Tattoo in Provincetown, MA.

7 Mastectomy Squid

An inspirational message covers this mastectomy scar.

8 Motivation Mastectomy Petal

Barn owl chest tattoo on breast cancer survivor.

9 Epic Owl Chest Piece

A very unique and free-feeling tattoo.

10 Great Octopus Chest Piece

Penny Flats by Bettie Page Shoes



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Full chest tattoo of cherry blossoms.

11 Floral Mastectomy Chest Piece

Beautiful peacock chest tattoo.

12 Cool Peacock Chest Piece

Breast tattoo after reconstructive surgery.

13 Fairy Mastectomy Piece

Transformative wings.

14 Butterfly and Angel Wings Mastectomy Piece

Beautiful deviation from the pink ribbon.

15 Mastectomy Design

Red Rose Necklace by Couture By Lolita



Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Red Rose Necklace by Couture By Lolita

Vargas style tattoo

16 Portrait Mastectomy Piece

Now, there’s someone who is owning it.

17 Floral Chest Piece

Black and grey flower tattoo by Megan Jean Morris.

18 Floral black and grey piece

“I decided to turn this negative thing into a positive and put a beautiful piece of artwork in place of something that to a lot of people is really devastating.” — Kelly Davidson

19 Fary and Valley Chest Piece

Inspiring and powerful piece by Simon Drolet.

20 Filigree Mastectomy Piece 20% NOW

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