Jay Bird Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones are better for phone calls than music

If you hate having to pull out an earbud to talk on the phone, Jay Bird’s Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones might be your new best friend. Although I can’t vouch for their lifetime warranty against sweat, I can say that these headphones were definitely something different. I originally thought Bluetooth-enabled headphones were a headache waiting to happen, but “pairing” them to my phone was quick and simple. Calls come in very clearly and the microphone works well. 
Aesthetically, the headphones’ sleek, modern design would make them a nice accessory for any music-listening multi-tasker. As the USA Triathlon’s “Official Training Headphone Partner,” they were comfortably snug enough to withstand lots of movement, which is more than I can say for the majority of headphones that have slipped off my head or popped out of my ears. Unfortunately, they were more fashionable than functional. The square earpieces were a cool twist to bulky, round ones, but did nothing for the sound quality. These headphones promise “warm, thumpy beats,” but my music experience was just average. Even the sexiest of bass lines from Flea and Victor Wooten were disappointingly dull.
Overall, these headphones are a decent product for their $99 price tag. They’d be a convenient choice for an athlete, a fashionista, or anyone who wants to quickly switch between listening to music and talking on the phone. 

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