Justin Bieber adds a Koi Fish to his family of tattoos

Justin Bieber‘s new tattoo was first spotted last week at the backstage of his Copenhagen concert. An image of a Koi fish is located beside the owl and X tattoo on his forearm. The 19-year-old pop star now has over 10 tattoos in his collection. Although Bieber has not revealed the significance of his new ink, the Koi fish is said to represent good fortune and good luck. According to Bieber’s tattoo artist, Luca Ortis, “Koi fish tattoo is a symbol of courage and determination. It’s an ideal symbol for someone who wants to show that they are strong and have overcome problems.” With weeks of bad press and trying to reunite with ex Selena Gomez, maybe Bieber hopes for his new tattoo to bring him better fortune.

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