Justin Bieber following Rihanna’s tattoo artist ambitions

Similar to Rihanna‘s case in 2009, Justin Bieber tried to call himself a tattoo artist. Five years ago, Rihanna was fined a small sum of $2,000 for administering tattoos at East Side Ink in New York City. Now it is Justin Bieber looking at a $3,000 dollar fine for giving a tattoo to his friend at the age of 18. These ambitions go against New York State Health Department regulations. Last June while in New York City, Bieber tattooed his friend Bang Bang, whose real name is Keith McCurdy. Bieber drew a mouse and wrote the word “Swaggy” on Keith McCurdy’s leg. McCurdy never turns down a permanent signature of a tattoo from celebrities and claims himself to be a needy fan wanting a “30-minute autograph.”

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