Justin Bieber Gets Tattoo Number Six

He might produce squeaky-clean pop music, but Justin Bieber isn’t letting that stop him from getting more tattoos on his body.

After David Letterman gave Bieber grief about his recent tattoo (“Believe” on his left forearm) and also how much ink he has overall, the singer decided to ignore the late night show host and go out and get another one. Bieber was recently spotted with a “Japanese Kanji symbol” on his upper right forearm. 

The symbolic tattoo (meaning “music”) is the sixth one for Bieber. Besides “Believe”, he has Jesus on his left leg, “Jesus” in Hebrew on his ribcage, praying hands on his left calf, and a seagull on his hip. The seagull is a tattoo that is important for male members of the Bieber family, as they all have it.

No word on what Selena Gomez thinks yet.


Source: Gather

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