Ke$ha Wants Us All to “Suck It”

Superstar Ke$ha is the latest celebrity to get a new tattoo. The wild child of the pop world, who already has five tattoos, added a rebellious and simple tattoo to her collection. The singer got ‘Suck It!,’ etched on the inside of her bottom lip, obviously for all the haters.

‘Tik Tok’ songstress uploaded a photo of her holding her lip down to show her new tattoo and gold tooth on Twitter and Instagarm with the caption “new tatt!” She mentioned Alchemy Tattoo in LA, where one can assume she got the ink done.

Ke$ha, who often takes on the persona of ‘ I don’t give a fu*k,’ has been known to give herself and other people tattoo’s, sometimes just with a safety pin and ink. Some of her more famous tattoos include a money sign on her hand and a ‘YEAH’ on her foot. Rockin’ gal to us.

Do you like Ke$ha’s new tattoo? If so, how long do you think it will last?

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