Lana Del Rey – Permanent or temporary tattoos?

Lana Del Rey‘s tattoos hold a personal meaning to her. They are subtly placed mostly on her hands, fingers and arms. Constantly in the spotlight, her fans quite frequently get confused which tattoos are permanent and which are temporary. When inspired, Lana Del Rey will draw potential tattoos on herself to see how she feels about them being permanent. Her fake tattoos have recently been Life is Beautiful and the infinity symbol so whether these will be made permanent is something to look for. As for the permanent, Lana Del Rey has five tattoos all of which are words and phrases that are important to her. Paradise, trust no one and die young are all significant beliefs to Lana Del Rey. The letter M, stands for her grandmother Madeleine, and the name Nabokov Whitman dedicated to Russian writer Vladimir Babokov for being such a strong inspiration to her. The simplicity behind her tattoos of choice are intentional to draw little attention but hold a large meaning.

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