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  • Campbell’s Wine

    Campbell’s Wine Saved Wines is a collaboration between vintner Clay Brock, who crafted what’s inside the bottle, and tattooer Scott Campbell, who concerned himself with what’s on the outside. SCOTT CAMPBELL is a legend in the tattoo world and out,… [ read more ]

  • INKED Art Series: JK5

    JK5 (REAL NAME: JOSEPH ARI ALOI) is an illustrator, painter, and tattoo artist from Brooklyn who has been making a name for himself designing for Kidrobot and working on books with Rizzoli. After he enters the INKED office, he pulls… [ read more ]

  • HotShots: Ava Elderwood

    We’re in a pin-up mood today. Meet Ava Elderwood  a German pin-up model-turned pin-up photographer. We chat with the modern-day Bunny Yeager in the interview below and show her gorgeous shots (both of and by her) in the gallery that… [ read more ]

  • Exquisite Canvas

    Three talented tattooers from East Side Ink use art to have a conversation without words The surrealist artists of the early 20th century used to play a game called Exquisite Corpse, in which one artist would start on a drawing,… [ read more ]

  • ICON: Nikko Hurtado

    NIKKO HURTADO Black Anchor Collective 13567 Main Street Hesperia, CA 760-244-1800 GALLERY BELOW ARTICLE Get inside the head of the next-level tattoo artist and one of the most creative minds in all of the art world. Piece by piece,… [ read more ]

  • INKED Holiday Spend Guide

    IT’S BLACK FRIDAY! Check out INKED Holiday Spend Guide for cool, interesting, and original gift ideas! GERMAN INNOVATION After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Axel Pfaender has brought to market his Berlin Boombox (about $90, The cardboard MP3 player houses… [ read more ]

  • Aarón Sánchez’s Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

    You know Aarón Sánchez as the fiery Chopped judge (and all-around Food Network star) who will send you packing if you serve him chocolate sauce and call it a mole poblano but have you ever seen him like this? In… [ read more ]

  • Lady Diamond

    LADY DIAMOND IS A SPARKLING BLONDE MODEL WHO CUTS a fine, tattoo-adorned figure in front of the camera. Fanny Maurer is an equally striking blonde makeup artist with tattoos whose sole motivation is to make other people look amazing for… [ read more ]

  • HotShots: Hugo V

    While we love, love, love tattooed women, often there is a star on the other side of the camera. Meet Hugo V an inventive shooter who splits time between San Diego and Denver. We pick his brain in the interview below… [ read more ]

  • Inked’s Holiday DVD/Blu-ray Gift Guide

    Black Friday is coming and whether you prefer to shop online or be hardcore and camp out in front of your local Best Buy at 3 AM to nab that killer deal, we’re here to help you plan out your… [ read more ]

  • The Creation of Adam

    I’M IN MY APARTMENT TRYING TO DO SOME WORK ON MY LAPTOP, but my mind is elsewhere. It’s actually at a paaay- phone, trying to call home… Last summer was different. I wasn’t stuck at a pay phone, but I… [ read more ]

  • Q&A with Rock Star Stylist Candice Lambert

    Brands and Bands: Q&A with Rock Star Stylist Candice Lambert Candice Lambert is an LA based stylist who probably sees more celebrities in a week than most people see in a lifetime. Ranging from working with metal bands like Asking… [ read more ]