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The Magazines

  • Scrap Metal

    Diesel Black Gold jacket; AllSaints sweater; VMC jeans; Red Wing boots; model’s own T-shirt. AllSaints jacket; Bench sweater; Altru Apparel sweat shirt; VMC jeans; model’s own chains, jewelry, and hat. AllSaints jacket; Element sweater; VMC jeans; Red Wing boots; model’s… [ read more ]

  • Q+A: Joe Rogan

    Joe Rogan Questions Everything is now airing on Syfy, and we have a few queries of our own for the polymath. You probably know Joe Rogan from one or two of his many roles—host of Fear Factor, UFC commentator and… [ read more ]

  • Alexis Dejoria

    Alexis Dejoria Her dad may have cofounded Patrón and Paul Mitchell, and her husband may be Jesse James, but this drag racer is making a name for herself in the NHRA. First the right boot, then the left. When she’s… [ read more ]

  • Mustang Girls

    Mustang Girls The women racing with the INKED logo in this year’s Bullrun Rally from Montreal to New Orleans moved rapide. In a very specific type of Road Trip Bingo along Eastern byways this June, it took a light blue,… [ read more ]

  • Kid Ink

    Kid Ink Give him a rat-tat-tat-tat beat and the tattooed rapper goes off. It seemed too cute and too expected for INKED to cover an unknown rapper just signed to a major label simply because his moniker coincides with… [ read more ]

  • Freyja Veda

    Ampere bra and underwear; Uranium body chain; Bones and Feathers bracelet; stylist’s own bracelets and ring; model’s own heels, rings and headbands. Freyja Veda Cindy Crawford is recognized for her mole, Angelina Jolie has those lips, and Pam Anderson has,… [ read more ]

  • Inked On The Street: Benny Thomson

    INK ON THE STREET SUBJECT: Benny Thomson SPOTTED: Irving Plaza, New York WHERE HE GETS INKED: Eight of Swords Tattoo, located in Brooklyn. “They have so many killer artists there, and Dave [Wallin] did my calves.” Thomson’s right leg has… [ read more ]

  • Song Bird: Cher Lloyd

    The sultry British songstress Cher Lloyd is working on a new sound that’s more in keeping with her gritty black-and-gray tattoos. Forget everything you think you know about Cher Lloyd. Yes, this British bombshell got her big break on the… [ read more ]

  • Chris Saint Clark

    Chris Saint Clark Kustom Thrills 1000 Main St. Nashville, TN Artist Chris Saint Clark tattoos amazing black-and-gray pieces from his shop in country music’s capital, but his entry into the inked world came through the punk scene. “I was… [ read more ]

  • Jenny Yukich-Gardenhire

    Jenny Yukich-Gardenhire The Legends Football League may not have as much ink as the NFL, but this member of the Las Vegas Sin keeps things colorful. Football is still months away, right? Wrong. The women of the Legends Football League… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos Of Note

    Jonathan Davis of Korn Written and Illustrated by Issac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton of Pen & Ink: French Montana Written and Illustrated by Issac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton of Pen & Ink: Tim McIlrath of Rise Against Written… [ read more ]

  • Ryan Blair

    Ryan Blair If this CEO looks like he has gang tattoos, it’s because he does. Being in a gang and earning millions of dollars as an entrepreneur aren’t as different as you’d think, according to Ryan Blair, CEO of weight… [ read more ]