Margaret Cho Featured In New Tattoo Book

Comedian Margaret Cho makes an appearance in the new tattoo book “Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series” by painter and tattoo artist Shawn Barber.

The paintings in the book are Barber’s own, as he works as a full-time fine artist and teacher. He got into tattoo culture years ago, deciding to travel and meet other tattoo artists and learn from them. 

Barber opened up Memoir Tattoo in Los Angeles in 2010 with tattoo artist and painter Kim Saigh. Many of the artists who work there are also trained in fine art painting as well.

Cho contributed to the book in another way besides being Barber’s muse in the painting featured in the book. She also wrote the forward. Cho also delivers an anecdote in the book about getting Barber high on cannabis lollipops before he began work.

The book is available now in hardcover.


Source: SF Weekly

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