Master Tracks Over-Ear Headphones | SOL REPUBLIC

Sol Republic’s new Master Tracks over-ear headphones have a lot of things going for them.  Totally adjustable to any head size, you will be impressed by how comfortable and durable they are before you even turn them on.  But it’s mainly after you turn them on that the quality of these headphones really shines through. Whatever music genre you prefer to listen to will come out with intense clarity and block all other background noise as Sol Republic is so notable for doing.  Get ready to hear every note of every break down in post-hard core songs and every build-up to bass-drop in dupstep or drum and bass.  Why? Well because the bass that comes through these is insane.  It’s heavy, but won’t overpower every other sound coming through, thus allowing you to hear each aspect of a song as well and not just “wub-wub-wub.”  And if that’s not your style don’t worry.  Master Tracks work for a variety of other sounds, too.  If you’re a drummer, these are your dream headphones.  Snares, bass pedals, high-hats and crash symbols come through so nicely that you might as well be standing next to your drum kit.  This works well with everything from rock to ska to smooth jazz.  Or perhaps you still like to import your old CDs into mp3 files, because even files translated from late 80s compact discs sound like they’ve been restored and remastered with amped up volume and great accents on vocal recordings.  So enjoy and let Sol Republic play the “soundtrack of your life.”

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