Megan Massacre Talks About Tattoo Cover-Ups

Before you think about getting a bad tattoo covered, listen to some advice from Megan Massacre first.

The tattoo artist/model, who was featured on the TLC show “America’s Worst Tattoos,” gave some insight on how to do the perfect tattoo cover-up, her view on art, and the do’s and don’ts of tattoos.

“You can’t just take any tattoo and cover it up,” Massacre said, “If you have a color tattoo, you can’t just cover it up with a black and white tattoo.” Typically, a larger tattoo will be placed over the older one and the design will transition easily. Sometimes it doesn’t work out though. “We can only do our best,” she said.

If someone is trying to hide a scar, Massacre will go with the shape of the scar to find a design that will match. Her attention to detail in her tattoo work stems from her appreciation of art. “Each piece of artwork I do is unique,” she said, “It’s nice to make people happy and confident.”

Making people happy with their tattoo is only possible if the customer getting the tattoo is confident in their design as well as their artist. Massacre has rules that every potential tattoo customer should follow.

“Don’t get tattoos when you are inebriated. Research your artist…Really think about the tattoo that you want to get,” she said.

Most important though is the lasting impression the tattoo will have. “First tattoos should be something timeless: an event in your life; a hobby; something that’s a part of you,” Massacre said.

Spoken like a true professional.

Source: Hollywood Today

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