Meyhayat Kermen’s NSFW Photo Shoot

Meyhayat Kermen works professionally as a photo retoucher so she knows one or two things about what is aesthetically pleasing. It turns out that she uses this skill not only to retouch photos of others but also to design art to place on her own beautiful body. Meyhayat is covered with tattoos of all different styles; all of them unique and creative. One of her most striking pieces is her collection of Japanese maple leaves on her upper arm, a piece that required erasing a memory to perfect.

“My first tattoo was a question mark on my shoulder,” Kermen recalls. “When I was getting the japanese maple leaves, the artist could not work around the question mark so we decided to cover it. So it was not totally voluntary. But the first tattoo I gave myself ended up being a question mark. So in a way I don’t consider it covered.”

Kermen has gotten the majority of her work done by New York’s Nalla Smith and Istanbul’s Emrah Ozhan. While she likes to stick with a few artists whose work she adores Kermen has also been known to go out of her way to get tattooed by artists that she loves around the world. Most of her tattoos hard to pigeonhole into one certain genre as it is clear that some outside-of-the-box thinking was used to design them. Despite that some of her favorite tattoos are simple cartoons from the famed cartoonist Bill Watterson.

“I have three Calvin & Hobbes strips around my upper arm,” Kermen says. “They cheer me up every time.”