Most Pierced Persons of the World: Elaine Davidson and Rolf Buccholz


In the latest “Who Knew News,” Yahoo features the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the most piercings on the planet, a woman by the name of Elaine Davidson. She was given this title after acquiring an impressive amount of piercings, 9,000 to be exact.

Hailing form Brazil, Elaine has piercings all over her body, weighing about 7 lb. in metal alone. Large portions of her piercings are placed around her mouth and eyes area. With all these piercings, it makes you wonder… How many tattoos does she have?

Following suit in the webisode is Rolf Buccholz, who is the most pierced man in the world. Buccholz has 453 piercings with 94 soled in and around his lips. Rolf  said that he isn’t stopping anytime soon. 

Last but not least is Rhonda Polley who entered in a competition that allowed her to pierce 64 people in just one hour. Polley now holds the record for administering the most piercings within a set time frame.

All this talk about record holding makes one think, what is the record for the most tattoos on one persons body?


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