Mother and Son Escorted Out of Legoland Because of an “Offensive Tattoo”

Shortly after arriving to The Legoland Discovery Center at Grapevine Mills Mall, TX for a surprise visit Lana Massey and her son were asked to leave due to Massey’s “offensive body art”(seen above).  Massey posted details of the incident on the Church of Body Modification forum where she describes the embarrassment of being escorted through the crowd and explains that she and her son have visited a number of “family friendly” venues without issue. Her story was then picked up by The Dallas Observer where they received a statement from a Legoland representative stating the following:

“As a family attraction geared to children three to 10 years old, our entrance policy guidelines allow our staff the absolute direction to refuse admission to guests wearing clothing or images on their person that are offensive in nature. The Duty Manager onsite acted in accordance to this policy, and offered the guest a refund or tickets to return another day with the graphic tattoo covered. Our offer to return to the attraction with complimentary tickets still stands with the understanding of our policy.”

Massey has stated that though she was offered her money back for the tickets she was never given the option of returning for free on a different day.

Source: hopegallery

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