New Body Piercing Law in the State of New York

Getting a piercing in New York under the age of 18 has become a little bit harder thanks to Governor Cuomo and other politicians. The big man of the state signed the new legislation into law on Monday, mandating that teenagers and kids must have permission from their parents in order to get a piercing, which means that they most likely will not be getting a piercing.

The law includes every piercing except for the conventional ear piecing.

This new legislation is coming in a timely fashion, with all the new news on underage kids getting tattoo’s, like the boy with the dragon tattoo from washington or the mother who took her 6 year old daughter to the tanning salon.

So we will ask this question again? Is it the state’s right to interfere, or should it just be left up to the parents? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: Huffington Post

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