New Polariod Z2300 with Instant Photos

Polaroid is making a comeback with their new Z2300 Instant Digital Camera.  Retailing at about $160 dollars, the camera’s most interesting features are the 3 inch display to view pictures and the ability to print your pictures on the integrated printer.

Now I know what you’re thinking, when was the last time your actual camera could print pictures? But if you remember centuries ago, that’s what Polaroids trademark is! The camera prints 2×3 full color photos, that use no ink and are smudge-less, water-resistant and a border can be put photos, for all you Instagram fiends.

The camera drops on August 15th, 2012. For more information check out the website and let us know, will you be dropping a little over a buck fifty to bring back a new version of the classic Polaroid?

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